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Crochet amigurumi birthday cake


If you have read the ‘about’ section of this blog, you know by now I’m an expat from Spain living in the US. I only get to go home about once a year, which unfortunately means I miss lots of birthdays. My sister’s birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I decided to send her a cake. Of course, I couldn’t possibly send her a real cake, so I crocheted one. Chocolate cake with strawberry filling, whipped cream and a strawberry on top.

This was my very first amigurumi pattern and it was actually fairly easy to write up! The pattern hasn’t been tested but I wrote it as I crocheted it, so you should have no issue getting the same result! Plus I took some pictures along the way, so hopefully it’ll be easy to follow. Here we go!


We are gonna crochet this cake in parts! chocolate cake and strawberry filling on one side and whipped cream and strawberry on the other. Obviously you can use the cake pattern to make whatever flavor you want!

bdaycake components

For this cake you will need:

– Brown, pink, red and white 100% cotton yarn. I used Sugar n’Cream.

– A bit of green felt for the strawberry leaf. Alternatively you could make the leaf with more yarn

– Fiberfill

– Crochet hook size G. (4.25 mm)


This is just a basic cylinder shape, made in single crochet so as to keep things tight and avoid the fiberfill from coming out of the cake.

Rnd 1. Chain 4. Join with a slip stitch to form a circle.

Rnd 2. Make 6 sc into the circle. Do not join at the end of round, this circle is made as a spiral and so is the rest of the cake. (6)

Rnd 3. Make 2 sc into each sc in Rnd 2. (12)

Rnd 4. *2sc in the same st, 1sc* around (18)

Rnd 5. *2sc in the same st, 3sc* around (24)

Rnd 6. *2sc in the same st, 4sc* around (30)

Rnd 7. *2sc in the same st, 5sc* around (36).

Rnd 8. In back loop only, sc around.

photo (9)

Rnd 9-12. Sc around

Rnd 13-14. Switch to pink yarn (or whatever contrasting color you want). Sc around

Rnd. 15-18. Switch to brown and sc around.

Rnd. 19. In front loop only. Sc around (36)

Rnd 20. *Sc2tog, 4sc* around (30)

Rnd 21. *Sc2tog, 3sc* around (24). Tightly stuff the cake with fiberfill.

Rnd 22. *Sc2tog, 2sc* around (18)

Rnd 24. *Sc2tog, 1sc* around (12)

Rnd 25. Sc2tog around (6)


Chain 26.

Rnd 1. 1sc in the 2nd chain from hook, 1sc around

Rnd 2. sc around, close up.

Now to make the curly shape you’ll have to actually curl the piece by hand, like in the picture below.

photo (6)



Chain 2

Rnd 1. 6 sc in the 2nd chain from hook (6)

Rnd 2. *2 sc in the same stitch, 1 sc* around (9)

Rnd 3. *2sc in the same stitch, 2 sc* around (12)

Rnd 4-6. Sc around

Rnd 7. *sc2tog, 2sc* (9), Tightly stuff the strawberry with fiberfill.

Rnd 8. *sc2tog, 1sc* (6)

Rnd 9. 1sc around and close up.

To make the leaves, cut a piece of green felt in the shape of a ‘star’ and glue to the top using a hot glue gun.



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