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Doctor Who inspired crochet beer cozy

dr who beer cozy full size

You may have noticed, from the title of this blog and the ‘about’ section, that I’m a Doctor Who fan head to toe. My obsession with all things doctor began about a year ago, when my boyfriend suggested we watch the entire new series. I must admit the first episode didn’t quite convince me. But after the first came the second and next thing you know we were on season 6.

It must be noted that this is THE oldest running tv series in history, celebrating the 50th anniversary this Saturday. There have been 11 doctors so far and each one of them has a characteristic outfit that makes him easily recognizable. This cozy is inspired by Doctor 11, played by Matt Smith. He is by far my favorite TV character ever. His humor, good heart and occasional childishness have kept me going back to re-watch old episodes. If you’re a lucky one, like me, you may be going to the theatre next Monday to see the 50th anniversary episode in a big screen.

What better way to get ready than making yourself this cozy to dress up your beer. The pattern can be used for other cozies and it’s beginner friendly. I must add that my boyfriend is in love with this cozy and he swears it keeps his beer cold for a long time. So whovian or not, go for it!

bowties are cool

11th Doctor beer cozy

Yarn used: Lily sugar n’ cream in white, red and brown (only a little bit of each, easily done with scraps).

Hook size 3.50 mm


Create a circle by using the magic circle method or chaining 4 and joining with a slip stitch.

Chain 3

Rd1: 12 dc in the ring (12), join to top of chain 2 with slip stitch

Rd2: 2dc in each dc (24)

Rd3: (2dc in next dc, dc in next dc) around (36)

Rd4: dc in each dc in back loop only

Rds5-10: dc in each stitch, around


Rds11-15: dc in each stitch, around

Rd 16: single crochet in each stitch around

round 16 is optional but it gives a nice finished look to the cozy

For the suspenders: starting at the junction between brown and white, surface crochet 6 stitches (here’s a tutorial for surface crochet)

The bowtie was made following this pattern, I chained 25 for mine. Sew it on and you’re done!




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