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Things I made last year

About a year ago, give or take, a friend told me his ex-lady started knitting to relax. Given my prior inability to seat on a couch and ‘just chill’, something my boyfriend identified as a major source of anxiety. I simply have a hard time sitting on a couch and doing nothing, it’s a family thing. Given that we live in Portland and here it rains all the time, it seemed like keeping my hands busy while on the couch was a good idea. I tried knitting first, and while I like it, I remembered that once upon a time someone had sort of showed me how to crochet. Ever since I have been literally ‘hooked’. This is a compilation of things I made in 2013, knit or crochet, with my own pattern or someone else’s. Some of my own patterns are already on the blog and the rest will be available slowly but surely.


1. Puff V-stitch fingerless gloves. The last thing I made in 2013. Pattern to come.
2. Graham hat, knit, you can find the free pattern here.
3. Basketweave cowl, knit, this is the free pattern
4. Knit infinity scarf, I made my own pattern, but it’s nothing special so I hadn’t planned on posting about it. Let me know if you’d like me to.
5. Granny beret, crocheted with my own pattern. Once I get some good pictures I’ll post the pattern.
6. Octopus hat, crocheted for my friend. I didn’t write a pattern but I would be happy to if requested.
7. Slouchy hat and surfaced cowl. Crocheted, I already have the pattern written! Coming soon.
8. Granny shawl. Very simple pattern I made myself, coming soon!
9. Doctor Who polymer clay hook! this is the nerdiest of all of 2013’s DIY’s. I made my crochet hook a nice coat of polymer clay that looks like a sonic screwdriver.


10. Peppa pig, crocheted from this free pattern. My eyes were googly eyes I bought at the store, glued with a hot gun.
11. Miss Piggy! you can find my free pattern on a previous post here.
12. Mini birthday cake I crocheted for a friend’s bday. I could write a pattern if you’d like
13. Doctor Who beer cozy, you can find my free pattern here.
14. Crocheted hanging basket, my free pattern can be found here.
15. Crocheted bender cozy. The first cozy I made! I used the same pattern as in the Doctor Who cozy. Bender is glued felt.
16. Crocheted shark hat. The free pattern can be found here.
17. Crocheted Fender Bender. My own pattern. I will post it soon!
18. Crocheted unicorn hat. The free pattern can be found here.

I hope this inspired you to make something of your own. For now I leave you with a close up of Peppa pig, which my nephew absolutely loves.



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