Minion inspired slippers


It’s been a while since the idea of opening an etsy store came to my boyfriend’s mind. He is in fact, the strongest supporter of my crafting projects and pattern development. So a few months later, I finally managed to open my own etsy store!


The first pattern for sale is for these cute minion slippers I made for my minion loving nephew. The pattern is available in sizes 3-4 years and 5-6 years.


Why buy it? well, by buying this pattern you help maintain this blog, so I can keep buying yarn and developing patterns for free. As a really really broke grad student, any extra bucks are highly appreciated. 1 pattern sale means 1 new skein of cotton yarn to develop patterns with! Plus, if you refer a friend, I’ll give you a discount or a free pattern (more to come) from the shop.

Also! Bowties and Fezzes now has a facebook page! Like it to know what’s going on at Bowties and Fezzes.


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