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Cluster V-stitch fingerless gloves (and hat)

fingerless puff v stitch gloves

This set of gloves and hat was made with Caron simply soft yarn. I’m a bit obsessed with this yarn. it’s soft, comes in pretty colors and more importantly, it’s made in the US. That makes all the difference. If you have read my about section, you know I’m not american, I am in fact Spanish. But I love this country.

Why you ask? well, this is, for me, the country of dreams. The country were my dreams came true, with lots of hard work. I support the idea of success through sweat. I support creativity and originality. And that is not what other countries mean to me. Certainly not China.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against China per se. But I’m a bit sick of buying made in china everything. Let’s face it, it’s cheap but poor quality. It doesn’t contribute to our economy. On many occasions, made in china means nasty dyes that you don’t want to be putting on your skin. So why buy yarn made in China when you can buy it made in the US? No reason.

Anyway… I made this set over Christmas, with a single skein of Caron Simply soft. The pattern for the gloves is written below. The pattern for the hat needs some testing so… LOOKING FOR HAT TESTERS! Please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail if you would like to test the pattern. Or, head over to my facebook page and leave me a message.


PS. I have to thank my wonderful boyfriend for taking these pictures. He has infinite patience.



Use a 5 mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn. I used Caron simply soft solids. Make sure to check the gauge of your clusters to prevent the gloves from being too big.

Gauge: each cluster is 0.8 inches tall and 1.2 inches wide. For more accurate gauge check the pictures below




Chain 8
Rd 1-23: ch1, 7 sc

Now join the sides of the cuff with a sl st, as shown in the picture below. Skip one stitch so you have 21 sc left to crochet. (each cluster takes 3 stitches so we need a multiple of 3).


Now you’ll start making puff v-stitch clusters. At the beginning of each round you will chain two. This chain two will be part of your first cluster.


(yo, insert hook in stitch, yo, pull through a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times into same st, yo, pull through 4 loops on hook* ch 2 and repeat * once more. – This is 1 cluster and you will repeat this cluster several times per row. Once again, the chain 2 at the beginning is part of your cluster, so the first 3dc group of every round is ch2 and 2dc.

Rd 1-: (cluster v-stitch, chain 1, sk 2 stitches) Repeat 6 more times (7 clusters)
Rd 2-3: Make 1 cluster  in the chain 2 space of each cluster from the previous round. (On top of the first 3dc, make your dc cluster, then chain 2 and make the other 3dc cluster on top of the previous cluster). (6 clusters)
Rd 4: (cluster V-stitch, chain 1) Repeat 4 times, chain 2 and skip one cluster, (cluster V-stitch, chain 1) 2 more times. The skipped cluster will be the thumb hole (6 clusters) (see picture below)

thumb hole

Rd 5: Make one cluster on each cluster, skipping the chain 2 from the skipped cluster on the previous round
Rd 6: make one cluster on every cluster of the previous round


Rd 7: sc around to finish. You can also finish with a crab stitch or skip the finishing all together

Button tab

button tab

Chain 11

Rd1. Sc 10

Rd2. ch1, 6sc, chain 3 and skip 2 stitches, 2 sc

Rd3. ch1, 2sc, skip the first chain from the previous round, sc til the end.

Finishing round: single crochet around the tab for a better finish.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Hat pattern (pending testing)

I’m using the same clusters as in the gloves (3dc cluster ch 2 3dc cluster, all in one chain, then chain 1 and sk 2 stitches) Join w sl stitch at the end of each round and do a chain 2 at the beginning of each round. the ch2 counts as 1dc (which you will include in the cluster)

rd 1. 12 dc
rd2. 4 clusters
rd3. 1 cluster in each chain 2 space, 1 cluster in each 1 chain space* around
rd4. 1 cluster in each chain 2 space only
rd 5. 1 cluster of 2 (3dc chain 2 3dc), 1 cluster of 3 (3dc ch2 3dc ch2 3dc)
Rd 6-11. Join w slip stitch to first cluster, 1 cluster in each chain 2 space.


*NOTE* Some folks have had problems with the hat instructions, so here’s a chart I made to clarify, I hope it helps!

hat chart



9 thoughts on “Cluster V-stitch fingerless gloves (and hat)

  1. This pattern is really vague. I tried to do it and it leaves out a lot of important things, like whether you should chain one at the end of each row on the cuff, stuff like that. I completed the pattern but it was huge on my hand, and I was doing anything but loose stitches.

    • I’m sorry Bethany. 3 people tested it without problems. If it doesn’t say to chain, you don’t chain. Also, there’s a gauge for the clusters. You are meant to check your gauge.

  2. Miss Persiphone says:

    Fantastic pattern! Thank you very much as it helped me complete my first crocheting project. Instead of 23 rows for the wrist part I extended it to 29 to accommodate my larger hands. The v-stitches worked out fine. 🙂

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