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Metal man amigurumi free pattern (and giveaway winners)


Hello again!

First and foremost, let me announce the giveaway winners.

Lavanya, Wendi, Melisa, Melissa and Liz. Since you are the only guys who actually commented besides subscribing, the pattern is all yours. I will try to get your e-mail from the comment. But if you comment and leave your e-mail that would be awesome.


The boy has a good friend, from back in Austin, who I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Sort of. We have met through the waves. It seems silly, perhaps. And yet people like Kevin can become so relevant in everyday life.

It may all be that he always has a reassuring word when the world seems to be crumbling apart. Or that we both love cowboy boots, metal and tacos. Or that we are chemists. It may be for a thousand reasons. But when I realized his birthday was coming up I felt like something special had to be done. So I made metal man, who is the dark haired version of Kevin. He sure seems to be very happy about his new companion, as I have received a few pictures of Metal Man going about at Kevin’s office. (Seriously hilarious).

The pattern is in this PDF and it’s free for you to use. Please make sure you add a link to the pattern if you sell any dolls made from this pattern.



He surely looks happy


The spikes on the cuffs were made with glow in the dark 3D paint. And yes, they do glow in the dark 🙂



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