Homemade sour gummies


Have I mentioned I love sour gummies? Well, I do. What I don’t love is all the junk that comes along with the sour tastiness. The solution: make your own gummies.

How do you make them sour, you ask? Use citric acid! And where can you buy it? I’m sure you could buy a pound of it online. I bought mine at New Seasons. You can probably find it at Whole Foods or any other store that has a reasonable bulk spices section. Did I mention it’s cheap? Very cheap. And you only need a little bit.

You can add the citric acid straight to the gummy mixture. I prefer to use it as a coat, along with some superfine sugar.

Now for the ‘recipe’. Please keep in mind I used homemade jam for this. The raspberry jam used is very runny. The strawberry jam has the consistency of what the store would call preserves. Hopefully the following pictures help.

Raspberry jam


Strawberry jam/preserves


Extra sour raspberry-lime gummies
1 cup raspberry jam
1/2 cup water
1 package of lime jello or 1 package of gelatin + 2 tbsp lime juice (fresh)
Superfine sugar + citric acid in a 1:1 mixture

In a non-reactive pot, add the jam and the water and bring to a boil. Add the gelatin and stir well until there are no clumps. If necessary add more water. but be careful because excess water will make your gummies sticky and they will not set as well

Pour the mixture into a glass/silicone mold and let it cool to room temperature before transferring it to the fridge. Let it cool overnight.

Unmold the gummies and dip them in coating. If poured in one big mold, cut in portions before coating. Keep refrigerated.


Sour strawberry gummies
1 cup strawberry jam
1 cup of water
1 package gelatin
Citric acid + sugar for coating

Follow the same instructions as for the prior batch.


Remember, the more you coat them, the more sour the gummies. I recommend you keep these in the fridge as they ‘sweat’ when left at room temperature.



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