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C.F.E. part 1: Easter egg fuzzy furry basket

easter basket square unshadow

You may be wondering what this C.F.E thing is all about. Easy, it stands for CANDY FREE EASTER. A series of posts, I’m not sure how many, on Easter gifts that don’t involve candy.

candy free easter

You may also be wondering, why start this and why do I care about whether or not you eat candy for Easter.

Last year, my friend Kim, who has two daughters, started the idea of candy free Easter. Instead of giving her daughters sugar coma inducing super processed products, she bought little inexpensive gifts to play with. (Check out what she did here.)  The idea behind this is that in the US, we have a type of candy for every holiday, to the point that some people can’t do holidays without sugar.

Candy is not the best thing for children (or adults for that matter). Ultra-processed sugared chocolate is not real chocolate. It’s crack in candy form. It makes children hyperactive in a bad way. It rots your teeth and it makes you fat. Well, maybe it’s not that extreme, but you get the point.

basket of eggs square2

I love the idea of Easter egg hunts. We don’t have them in Spain and they are a lot of fun, be them for children or adults! And since you’ll need a basket to put all those eggs, here it is! a fuzzy furry Easter basket. It fits about 6 large eggs and 12 smaller ones. The pattern is very very simple, the yarn is a bit hard to work with.



1 skein of Bernat tizzy in dandelion yellow, less than 100 yards of white red heart super saver yarn (optional)

two yarns

9 mm crochet hook

You will use the two yarns held together in order to make it easier to see the stitches and to give strength to the basket. That said, you are gonna crochet mostly by feeling. Despite the fuzziness of the yarn the stitches are well defined and you shouldn’t have problems inserting your hook.

Rd1: 6 sc in magic ring (6sc)

Rd2: 2sc in each stitch around (12sc)

Rd3: (2sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next st) around  (18sc)

Rd4: (2sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next 2 st) around (24sc)

Rd5: (2sc in 1st st, 1sc in next 3 st) around (30sc)

Rd6: (2sc in 1st st, 1sc in next 4 st) around (36sc)

Rd7-9: 1sc in each st around

You can make the basket taller by adding rounds after rd9.


Once you get to the last stitch of the bottom of the basket, chain 36

rd1. Make 34 sc, make a last sc through one of the stitches on the edge of the basket. This will hold the handle in place. ch1. Turn

Rd2: Hold a pipe cleaner, white or yellow, against the first row of the handle. Make 1sc in each stitch while holding the pipe cleaner. The fuzzy yarn will cover the pipe cleaner and the pipe cleaner will give rigidity to the handle. (Note: the pipe cleaner will probably be too short to cover the entire row. That’s ok. Hold it at the beginning of the row. You will do the same in the next row so you’ll have a pipe cleaner on each side of the handle and they will overlap in the middle. ) Remember to make the last sc through a stitch at the base of the basket just as before. ch1. Turn.

pipe cleaner

Rd3: Repeat round 2

Rd4: 1 sc around. Make the last sc through a stitch in the base of the basket

easter basket hand


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