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My little pony special Chris edition

frontal my little pony view square

My friend and labmate Chris is getting really close to graduating. By then, we’ll have worked together for the better part of 4 years. Every single day of those years has been full of fun, jokes, silliness and lots of help on his part. One could say Chris has taught me almost everything I know how to do in the lab. As you can imagine, I’m glad he’ll soon be Dr. Deutsch, but I’m also gonna miss the hell out of him.

Last month was Chris’ birthday. The very last one he celebrated in the lab. So I felt like making something he would treasure forever: a my little pony special Chris edition.

You must be wondering why on Earth would I give a pony to a grown 29 year old man. Well, the truth is that he’s been asking for it. The pink pony request is an ongoing joke between the two of us. Let me explain. I do ordering in our lab. That means I purchase any equipment or reagents we need. Usually on a weekly basis. When Friday comes around, I ask everyone if there’s anything they need me to order. Chris’ answer is without fail: a pink pony. To which I always reply: Chris, the boss wouldn’t be very happy if I spent our grant money on a pony. Then Chris will walk away with a sad puppy dog face and I’ll laugh and laugh.

cropped pony

After almost 3.5 years of pink pony requests, I figured I should grant him his wish. So here it is. The heart butt pony. The free pattern for the pony is available here. To personalize it, I made a braided mane and added a heart to its butt. Below is the happy recipient of the gift, hugging his new friend. For now, pink pony lives in our office, so that everyone who comes over can see it standing on top of Chris’ computer.


chris pony


Now it’s time for me to think about a suitable graduation gift. In the meantime (suggestions welcome!), enjoy the pattern!


4 thoughts on “My little pony special Chris edition

  1. Love the pink pony , one should be careful what you wish for. We put silly requests into our lab techs, I keep asking for a working time turner ( from Harry potter) , & still waiting!!

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