Sant Jordi! and a rose for you


Today is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year. Sant Jordi. It’s not only the day in which we celebrate that Saint George slayed the dragon, but also the international day of the book. Did you know that? the reason is that Cervantes and Shakespeare died on April 23rd. So we celebrate their life by buying lots of books!

Let me take a step back and explain to you how big of a deal this holiday is. Today, the streets of my hometown, Barcelona, are flooded with couples, families and friends, walking around browsing book and rose stands. Most schools let kids leave early and most colleges don’t even bother to stop the youngsters from enjoying the day. Girls buy guys books and guys buy girls roses. Fathers buy white or pink roses for their daughters and red roses for their wives. The wild ones buy blue, purple, orange or even black roses. The city smells of roses and it sounds like great written stories.

To read more about the Sant Jordi celebrations, go here! 

Let’s not forget the legend! Sant Jordi (Saint George) rescued the princess in the castle by slaying the dragon. From the blood of the dragon a rose was born. Because love can kill any dragons!

This is my knight in shinning armor! My lovely Aaron. And the pattern for the hat can be purchased here

knight hat square marked

The picture up top is what my cardigan looks like today. A thread crocheted rose hangs from it, to honor the celebration. The rose pattern is free and was adapted from here. I did 3 petals of 3 hdc, 4 petals of 4 hdc, 5 petals of 5 hdc, 6 petals of 6 hdc and 3 petals of 7 hdc. I used a 1.5 mm hook and crochet thread 3 ply. Then I sewed a pin to the back of the rose so I could attach it to my cardigan.

Have yourself a rose and a great Sant Jordi!


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