Whale-y Lovey blanket

whale lovey

Let start by saying: My labmate Chris is gonna be an uncle again! Congratulations to the Deutsch family!

Of course, any baby born around me, will undoubtedly receive crocheted gifts. Chris and his brother always wear beanies in the winter. In fact, they wear extremely similar beanies. So he requested I make one for the newborn. But, I felt like I should send him home with something more than just a beanie, so I decided to make this lovey blanket.

The blanket is about 12 inches square and the lovely whale up top is about 5 inches long. The pattern for the blanket was easy to choose, as granny squares are quite textured, something babies seem to enjoy. As for the toy, I spent a great deal of time deciding what animal I wanted it to be, until I found this lovely whale.


WARNINGS! Since this toy is to be given to a kid under 3 years old, it’s best to avoid any parts that could be removed, such as plastic (safety) eyes. I sewed the eyes using black embroidery floss. I also decided to skip the mouth, as I was not convinced on the looks of it. I recommend you stitch the fins tightly, because it is likely that any small child will repeatedly try to pull them off.  Finally, a soft yarn is a must for any baby. I personally always avoid wool, since many of us are allergic to it (myself included).

And now the pattern!



Crochet hook size 5 mm for the blanket. 4 mm for the whale.

Yarn: About half a skein of Red Heart soft in navy and gray. A small amount of berry blue Caron Simply Soft for the whale.

The pattern for the whale can be found HERE. 

For the blanket:

Many others have explained quite well how to crochet a granny square. Here’s a list of links that you can use as a reference along with a granny chart.



Source: http://notyouraveragecrochet.com/tutorials/how-tos/basic-shapes/granny-squares/

The color sequence is the following:

Row 1-3: blue

Row 4-6: gray

Row 7-11: blue

Row 12: gray

Row 13-14: blue

Row 15: hdc around with blue to finish off

Weave in all ends and stitch the whale to the center or the corner of the blanket. I chose to sew it in the middle.



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