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Pencil^2 case


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Needless to say, I want my nephew to go to school in style. So this summer, I’m making back to school items to mail back home. At the age of 3.5, learning activities involve lots of coloring and learning how to draw and write. So in order to keep his coloring pencils in order, I made the little one a pencil pencil case. We can call it the pencil^2 case.

The case can be finished with a button or a zipper. In this case, I am going with a button, as this will be easier for him to handle. If you already have a suitable pencil case, you can crochet the pencil in once piece and stuff it with fiberfill to make a pencil crochet toy. Don’t like the colors? change them up! too big? start with a smaller base circle. Whatever you do, make them with love and make sure you use fibers that can be easily washed in the machine!

Now for the pattern!

pencil crochet sideways case WM

Pencil^2 case

Materials: worsted weight yarn in pink, gray, yellow, oatmeal/skin, and black. I used Caron simply soft for the pink and gray portions. The yellow and black portions are made with red heart super saver. The oatmeal portion is made with vanna’s choice.

Crochet hook 5 mm.

Do not join rounds. Work in spiral and use a stitch marker if necessary.

Step 1. Make the pencil base/eraser

pencil eraser crochet

Rd1: 6 sc in magic ring (6sc)

Rd2: 2sc in each stitch around (12sc)

Rd3: (2sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next st) around  (18sc)

Rd4: (2sc in 1st st, 1 sc in next 2 st) around (24sc)

Rd5: (2sc in 1st st, 1sc in next 3 st) around (30sc)

Rd6: (2sc in 1st st, 1sc in next 4 st) around (36sc)

Rd7-12: 1 sc in each st. (36 sc)

On the last st of Rd12, change to gray



Step 2. Make the metal portion

Rd13-16: 1 sc in each st. (36 sc)

On the last st of Rd16, change to yellow

Step 3. Make the wooden/yellow portion

Rd17-33: 1 sc in each st. (36 sc)

On the last st of Rd 33, change to oatmeal

Step 4. Make the pencil tip

Rd34: sc in each of the next 6 st. chain 30 and join with a sl st to the beginning of the row. (Warning! if you want to keep it as a toy, do not chain, simply continue around with the new color and stuff at the very end)

Rd35: 1 sc in each of the 6 st of the previous round and each of the 30 chains. (36 sc)

Rd36: (sc2tog, sc in the next 4st) around (30 sc)

Rd37-38: 1 sc in each st (30 sc)

Rd39: (sc2tog, sc in the next 3 st) (24 sc)

Rd40-41. 1 sc in each st (24 sc)

Rd42: (sc2tog, sc in the next 2 st) (18 sc)

Rd43-44: 1 sc in each st (18 sc)

On the last st of Rd 44, change to black

Rd 45: 1 sc in each st (18 sc)

Rd46: (sc2tog, 1 sc in next st) around (12 sc)

Rd47: 1 sc in each st (12 sc)

Rd 48: sc2tog around. Cut yarn and weave in end

Step 6. Join oatmeal yarn at the middle of the pencil, on the opposide side of the 6 sc that join the two portions. Chain 6, skip 2 st and join the chains. Now you have the loop for the button. Sew a button of the right size and weave in any left ends.





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