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Bear coin purse / wallet (Back to school)


School is back in session! At least for most. Moms and dads and uncles and aunts and grandparents go back to the routine as well. Backpacks have been purchased and pencil cases are full of multicolored crayons.

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But there is always something missing, isn’t there? No matter how well you prepared, you probably forgot something. Perhaps you didn’t think about lunches and lunch money. So perhaps your little ones don’t have a coin purse yet. Here’s an easy and quick pattern for a bear wallet. The design was inspired by Pops de Milk’s bear cozies. Check them out! She has all sorts of cute animal mason jar cozies.


You can easily change the color and size of this coin purse. You can add differently colored noses for different animals, leave or keep the felt part, choose a contrasting color zipper or add embellishments. In less than 1 hr you’ll have a cute and functional wallet. Make more than one and give them away! Here’s the pattern!

Bear coin purse
You’ll need:
A few yards of worsted weight yarn. Less than 100.
Crochet hook G, 4 mm
A 4 inch zipper (if you want to make a larger wallet or turn it into a pencil case, buy a bigger zipper)
Safety eyes and nose
Small piece of contrasting color felt
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needle and yarn needle

Chain 21
1 sc in 2nd chain from hook. Make 1 sc in the next 18 st. Make 3 sc in the last stitch. Continue making sc on the other side of the chain til you reach the 1st chain again. Make 2 sc in last chain.
Now you have 3 sc in 1st and last st and 1 sc on each side of each chain.

Working in spiral, make 1 sc around for 16 rows. You can vary the # of rows depending on how tall you want the coin purse to be. Once you reach your last row, pick one side of the wallet and mark the positions of the center of the ears. I left 5 stitches between the corner of the wallet and the center of the ear and 8 stitches between the ear centers. Continue to single crochet until 2 st before the marked point for the ear. Skip those stitches and make 7 dc in the ear center stitch. Skip the next 2 st, slip st on the next stitch. Continue in sc til you reach the st 2 positions before the center of the ear. Repeat the previous step. Continue in sc til the end of the row. Weave in ends

Attach eyes, nose and felt as desired. I used a coin to draw a circle on the felt before cutting. Poke a hole in the center of the felt so the safety nose can go through.

To attach the zipper. Turn the wallet inside out. Mark the position where you’d like the zipper to lay. I left 2 rows between the top of the wallet and the zipper so the zipper is not exposed/visible. Pin one side of the zipper in place and sew with the embroidery floss. See picture below.
Now that part of your zipper is sewn in place, turn the wallet inside out and sew the rest of the zipper. I tried sewing both zipper sides with the wallet inside out and that was nearly impossible.

Aaaaand, you’re done! enjoy!



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