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Louise Belcher DIY costume

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Any Bob’s burgers fans out there? – Welcome! I’m glad we share interests

Louise Belcher may as well be my favorite cartoon character, although she has to compete with Steven Universe and the Adventure Time crew. Her and I share a childhood of being around our parents’ business. Hers a burger place, mine a butcher shop. Not so different after all.

As a European who grew up without Halloween, I can’t go a single year without celebrating the event. Perhaps my favorite holiday. This year, I put my crochet and sewing abilities to use and I made myself a whole Louise Costume. The hat is my own pattern creation and you can find it here!

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Why make your own hat you say? Because it costs about 3$ to make! and it’s fun! and the ears are a whole 10 inches! What a great way to make a statement.

As for how to make the dress… I started with this tutorial and made a few changes, so I’m going to summarize for you how to do it! (I still recommend you look at her tutorial!)

1. Pick a dress, whatever dress you have, made of a non-stretch material (it will render more accurate measures).

2. Take a large piece of butcher paper and mark all around your dress. If it has sleeves, mark around the sleeves as well. Mine was a sleeveless dress.

3. Now you have marked the size of your dress, but you need to add about 1/2 inch of seam allowance. You can use a curved ruler for the neck portion.

4. Here’s the main difference with the tutorial. You want an A-line dress and chances are your dress does not have that shape. If it does, you’re done with the design. If it doesn’t, like mine, make a mark 8 inches away from the bottom corners of the dress. Then trace a straight line from the armpit to that mark. This should give your dress an A-line shape. Cut the pattern from the butcher paper and then the fabric using the pattern. See pictures below

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

5. Sew the bottom seams of the dress and then sew along the sides all the way to the armpit

6. Take a large t-shirt and put it on top of the sleeve opening. On butcher paper, mark around the arm, cut the pattern and then cut 4 pieces of fabric, two for each sleeve.

7. Sew the sleeve pieces to each other and then pin, with the dress inside out, the sleeves to the sleeve openings. Sew around the sleeves

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Your dress is done! Now put your costume all together and take some silly pictures!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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