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Easy PEAsy knit hat

green hat

Two years ago, more or less, my husband talked me into taking up knitting. Although I have never posted any knitting patterns here, I did knit a scarf, a hat and a couple cowls back in the day. My knitting spree only lasted a couple months. I then picked up crocheting and I haven’t stopped ever since. Why did I quit knitting? I thought I sucked at it and I was really slow.

Fast forward almost two years and for whatever reason, I decided to pick it back up. Perhaps because while I love crocheted items like coozies, purses, clutches, storage bags and of course amigurumi, I still like the look of finished knitted accessories better. i feel like knitting gives me a larger array of possibilities when it comes to hats, cowls and certainly sweaters. So here I am, knitting again.

green hat top

This hat is a very simple one I made up, just to prove myself I could come up with a very simple pattern and obtain a well fitting garment. It has a thin ribbed brim, which you can make longer if you wish to. The body of the hat is stockinette stitch all the way and it is finished as a multiple of 6 stitches decrease. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced knitter, this hat works up in no time and it makes for a quick, last minute Christmas gift!

green hat front top

Easy PEAsy hat

Gauge 20 st and 30 rows = 4 inches (10 cm)

Yarn used: Berroco Vintage DK in Pea. Substitute for any other DK yarn. I used about 150 yards, which is less than one skein.

Needles: 4 mm (US 6) 16” circular and DPNs or 24′ or larger for magic loop method

Cast on 96 st

Work on 1 x 1 rib (k1, p1) for 1.25 inches or any length you desire

Switch to stockinette stitch (remember in the round stockinette is simply knitting around) and continue knitting for 6” (if you would like a slouchier hat, you can knit for 8” to have a final hat length of 10”)

Start decreases

(K2tog, k14 st, place marker) around (90 st)

(k2tog, k13 st) around (84 st)

(k2tog, k12 st) around (78 st)

(k2tog, k11 st) around (72 st)

(k2tog, k10 st) around (66 st)

continue to decrease in this fashion, k2tog then knit til marker until 6 stitches remain.

Insert your darning needle through the 6 remaining stitches and close the top up. Weave in ends.

Never knit a hat before? here are some useful tutorial links!

how to magic loop 

how to DPNs

how to knit two together


10 thoughts on “Easy PEAsy knit hat

  1. Hey, I’m a little confused on how your decreases work. Like do you place a marker after each decrease? And why is there 5 k2tog and 6 wedges? And why isn’t there any ssk? Sorry, I just wanna be really clear on this lol

    • Fatima, you can do ssk instead of k2tog if you want but you don’t have to. You can decrease in whichever way you want. I chose the k2tog. There should be 6 k2tog total. Let me check the pattern again.

    • Oh and you should have a marker already there before decreases so you’ll have 6 wedges. All that’s happening is you divide the hat in 6 and decrease at the beginning of each portion

    • That’s up to you. If you add a round of knit in between decreases the crown will be twice as long. I wanted a tight fitting hat so I didn’t do any knit rounds

  2. Joy Seymour says:

    Well, I made the hat and didn’t knit a round between decrease rounds and ended up with a flat hat. Not too happy. Comments?

    • Margaret, you are always working on the right side so there are no purls whatsoever in the body or crown of the hat. For the crown: You decrease one row, knit even the next row. Keep alternating in this manner.

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