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Crochet in the third loop and a chunky faux-ribbed cowl

crochet chunky cowl

Have you been looking for a good alternative to knit ribbing in crochet? look no further! The newest installment of…

Learn to crochet

is here!

Today we’re talking about crocheting in the third loop. This technique is great to achieve a ribbed look and it comes with a free pattern for a chunky, warm and cozy cowl.


First, let’s talk about Crochet in the third loop! or rather, let’s visualize how to accomplish it, step by step!

1. First you’ll need to make 1 round of plain old Half double crochet

third loop after 1 round of hdc

2. Take a look at your work. From now on, you will not be crocheting the next round as usual. Instead you will use the third/side loop as marked in blue

photo 1 (9)

3. Just to emphasize, you will not crochet at the top loops as you would normally do.

third loop not crochet here

4. Now wrap the yarn around your hook as you would for normal HDC and then insert the hook into the third loop

photo 2 (10)

5. The top view looks like this

photo 3 (8)

6. Finish your stitch as usual, wrapping the yarn around the hook once more and pulling it through all remaining loops. You are now done!

photo 4 (2)

Now let’s go for THE PATTERN!

For this I used 2 skeins of super bulky yarn and a 12 mm crochet hook, plus 2 buttons 3/4″ in size

make 56 chains

HDC in each stitch, starting at 2nd chain from hook

chain 1, make 1 hdc in the third loop in every stitch

Repeat for another 13 rows. You will now have 7 ribs in your cowl.

chunky cowl

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‘Mug my heart out’ coffee mug cozy

heart mug

Hi there!

Ready for Valentine’s day? This year I was in the mood for some bright colors and a bit of polymer clay for my Valentine’s project. This mug cozy is unbelievably quick. 30 min start to finish. It has some hearts for embellishment, which are equally simple. You can make a ton of them to give away with crocheted/knitted gifts any time of the year (my friends/relatives love it!). Instead of using a plain button, I made my own with polymer clay. You will be seeing a lot more clay projects in the blog from now on. Yay for clay!

Can’t get enough? Check out last year’s Valentine’s project, my heart earflap hats! 

In the meantime, enjoy this pattern and have a love-filled Valentine’s day!

heart mug back

Cozy pattern

With 5 mm crochet hook and acrylic worsted weight yarn (I used Michaels’ Loops and threads in red)

Rd1. 6sc
Rd2. 2 sc in each st (12 sc)
Rd3.(2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next) around (18 sc)
Rd4. (2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next 2 st) around (24 sc)
Rd5: (2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next 3 st) around .(30 sc)
Rd6: (2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next 4 st) around (36 sc)
This completes the base of the cozy

Rd7: sc in each st around in back loop ONLY! (36 sc)
Rd8: sc in each st around in both loops (36 sc).
Rd9: sc in each of the next 32 st. Now you’re leaving the gap for the handle. From now on you’ll work in rounds. Turn, chain 1.
Rd10-21: sc in each of the next 32 st. Turn, chain 1.

Now single crochet along the handle gap. At the end, chain 21 then slip stitch through the first chain to make a closed loop.


Funda de taza

Empezar con un círculo mágico. Trabajar en espiral (sin unir las vueltas con punto raso) hasta que se indique lo contrario

  1. Hacer 6 puntos bajos en el círculo mágico – 6 pb
  2. 2 puntos bajos en cada punto de la ronda anterior – 12 pb
  3. (2 pb, 1 pb) * 6 – 18 pb
  4. (2pb, 1 pb, 1pb) * 6 – 24 pb
  5. (2pb, 1pb, 1pb, 1 pb) * 6 – 30 pb
  6. (2pb, 1pb, 1 pb, 1 pb, 1 pb) *6 – 36 pb

Esto completa la base de la funda

  1. Pb en la lazada/hebra de atrás en cada pb de la vuelta anterior – 36 pb
  2. Pb en cada pb de la vuelta anterior – 36 pb
  3. Pb en los 32 pb siguientes (de esta forma dejamos un hueco para el asa de la taza) – a partir de ahora trabajaremos en vueltas montando una cadena al principio de cada vuelta, es decir, no trabajamos en espiral
  4. -21 Montar 1 cadeneta, pb en cada pb de la vuelta anterior, dar la vuelta – 32 pb

Al final de la vuelta 21, montar 22 cadenetas y unir la ultima cadena a la primera con un punto raso.

Heart pattern

Gauge is not important. The larger the hook the larger the heart. I used a 3.5 mm hook with Caron simply soft solids in pink.

{1} chain 3 in magic circle

{2} 3 trc

{3} 3dc

{4} chain 1

{5} 1 trc

{6} chain 1

{7} 3 dc

{8} 3 trc

{9} chain 2

{10} slip stitch at the first stitch to close the heart

for the larger heart, add another round

{11} chain 3

{12} 1 sc+1 hdc tog. in the 3rd chain of the 1st row

{13} 3 hdc tog.

{14} 2 hdc tog.

{15} 4 sc

{16} chain 1

{17} 1 dc in trc of row 1

{18} chain 1

{19} 4 sc

{20} 2 hdc tog.

{21} 3 hdc tog.

{22} 1 hdc+1 sc tog.

{23} chain 3

{24} slip stitch to end the 2nd row-

Patrón corazón

Heart polymer clay button

Take a small amount of red polymer clay and work it in your hands to soften it up. Roll it into a log. Add a small amount of white, pink or another contrasting color and roll the log in your hands to mix in the color in streaks. Once you’re satisfied with the streaks, shape it into a heart and flatten it out. Make two large holes (make sure the head of your darning needle can get through) and bake the heart according to manufacturer instructions. Sew heart onto the cozy using the same yarn you used for the body of the cozy.

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Garden dolls and panda plush (free pattern)

garden dolls


If you read this blog with some regularity, you know I’m big into the site ‘Cut Out and Keep’. There you can find tutorials for just about any craft and recipes to make your belly happy. The wonderful Cat, who runs the site, asked if I’d like to participate in a book review/project test for the site.

The book chosen is Cute critter crochet and it is full of lovely amigurumi patterns. I was fortunate enough to receive a free copy of the book and get to pick two projects to test. The projects are Garden dolls and Panda plush and the patterns are available for free! 

panda plus


Although I was not asked to review the book, I’ll give you my 5 cents on it. The pros are super cute things to crochet with very detailed patterns that include both written and chart instructions. We all learn and crochet/knit differently, so I always appreciate having the instructions in both writing and charts. The cons, which are absolutely a personal preference, is the way in which the items are constructed. The patterns do include some crochet in spiral, but they also rely heavily on things that are crocheted flat and then sewn. I hate sewing parts together, so I was not thrilled to have to sew 12 pieces to make the panda.

In any case, I’m sure you’d like to try these patterns yourself! you can get them for free the Cut Out and Keep site. The Garden Dolls are here and the Panda plush is here.

garden doll flower

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Carl Sagan amigurumi doll

photo 1

My friend T requested a Carl Sagan doll as a Christmas gift for her dude. What could I say. I love Carl Sagan myself! I’m sure many of you have seen the original Cosmos. But if you haven’t, I really really really recommend it. It’s a treasured DVD set at my household.

photo 2

Carl comes with one of his most typical outfits: a turtleneck sweater, brown pants and black shoes. Don’t forget the blazer for formal lectures! This is a simple doll suitable for beginners and the amount of yarn needed is fairly small, so it can be a great stash buster.


So, listen to Carl’s advice and get the Carl Sagan amigurumi doll pattern! Enjoy and please let me know if you make any dolls out of the pattern, I would love to see them! 

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One basic hat pattern, four styles, many Xmas gifts!


Hey there!

My apologies for the slightly long delay on being back. Hopefully it was worth your wait! – so what have I been up to? crocheting Xmas gifts of course (and book review I’ll post about soon). Of course, the end of the term is always a last push to get things done. But here we are, gifts made, labwork done and lots of new crocheted and knit things to share in the upcoming weeks.

This year we are spending Xmas with my hubby’s dad, his wife and the hubby’s siblings. So of course I had to make them all hats. The pattern is the same for all of them and the variability in size and fit comes from using different yarns, hooks and making more or less rows to give the hat a different look. You can use this basic pattern and directions to make your own hat however YOU want it! – Best part? they only take an hour or so to make.

But first, let’s see what I made:

The hubby’s dad and brother are avid hunters, so I went with camouflage hats for them. Appropriate, no?

camo hat on crochet

These are made with red heart super saver in camouflage, which is weirdly enough, one of the only brands that makes any camouflage yarn at all. One skein makes 2 hats and a can coozie. Quick and cheap, couldn’t ask for more. These hats are a bit on the loose side of things, because my brother in law has long hair and my father in law doesn’t like very tight hats. In terms of length, they have no slouch at all.

Now comes the gray hat for my sister in law, Maddie.

gray hat crochet onThis one was made with Sheepish yarn by Vickie Howell, from Caron. This yarn is not quite like any other worsted weight yarn you’ll buy. It’s a mix of 80% acrylic and 20% wool, and it’s spun in such a way that some sections are a bit thinner than others. It is however, on the thinner side of worsted weight yarns. In the picture I’m wearing the hat pretty tightly, but it does have a little bit of slouch to it and it is a little loose. It also has a small section of single crochet rows, to make a band/brim which makes it stay in place.

crochet hats collage

The purple hat, pictured in the left hand corner, is also Vickie Howell Sheepish, this time in prune. This one is for my other sister in law Bailey. The hat is as long as the multicolored one right next to it (and in the first picture), and it has the same level of slouch but it is also a bit looser to make room for long curly hair.As in the gray hat, I added a single crochet band, but I made a few decreases before the band, so it would be a bit more snug and not fall off. Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the numbers in a second.

Finally, the multicolored hat, was made in Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in the Sunrise colorway. As you can tell, it’s crocheted in a tube, without any decreases at the band, which is also made in single crochet. It is a bit more snug than the purple hat, because this one is going to my hubby’s other sister, on the mom’s side, who has thin long flat hair.

Now for the details!

Camouflage hats:  made in Red Heart Super Saver Camouflage, with a 5.5 mm hook, 15 rows of dc + 1 row of sc for finishing. Stitch count is 66 stitches. Length is 8 inches, width is approximately 20 inches.

Gray hat: made in Vickie Howell Sheepish in gray, with a 5.5 mm hook. 17 rows in dc + 5 rows of sc for the band. Total number of stitches is 72. Length is 9 inches, width is 19.5 inches.

Purple hat: made in Vickie Howell Sheepish in prune, with a 5.5 mm hook, 21 rows of dc + rows of sc for the band. The number of stitches for the body of the hat is 70. The last row of dc has 4 decreases making the stitch count 66, which is maintained for the 5 rows of sc for the band. Length is 11 inches, width is 20 inches throughout the body and 18.5 inches at the band.

Multicolored hat: made in Red Heart Unforgettable in Sunrise colorway, with a 4.5 mm hook. 22 rows of dc + 5 rows of sc for the band. Total number of stitches is 72. Length is 11 inches and width is 18.5 inches all the way.

And the main pattern, with some notes!

Double crochet hat

With worsted weight yarn of your choice and 5 or 5.5 mm hook, depending on the desired width.

Rnd1: make 9 dc in the magic ring, join to the first dc, not the chains. (9 st)
Rnd 2: 2 dc in each stitch around (18 st)
Rnd 3: *(2 dc in the next st, 1 dc in next) Repeat from * around (27 st)
Rnd 4: *(2dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next 2 st) Repeat from * around (36 st)
Rnd 5: *(2dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next 3 st) Repeat from * around (45 st)
Rnd 6: *(2dc in the next st, 1 dc in the next 4 st) Repeat from * around (54 st)’
Rnd 7: dc in each stitch around (54 st)
Rnd 8: *(2 dc in the next st, dc in next 8 st) Repeat from * around (60 st)
Rnd 9: *(2dc in the next st, dc in next 9 st) Repeat from * around (66st)

* For the camouflage and purple hat, stop increasing here

– For the camo: make 5 rows of 1 dc in each stitch then 1 row of sc

– For the purple: make 11 rows of 1 dc in each stitch, then decrease 4 stitches evenly in another dc round. Finish with 5 sc rows for the band

* for the gray and multicolored hats make Rnd10

Rnd10: *(2dc in the next st, dc in next 10 st) Repeat from * around (72st)

– For the gray hat, make 7 rows of 1 dc in each stitch and 5 rows of sc in each

– For the multicolored hat, make 12 rows of 1 dc in each stitch and 5 rows of sc for the band.

Weave in ends and you’re all done!

I hope you enjoyed this easily adaptable pattern!

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How to: Oval clutch/purse/tote started flat

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Making clutches,  purses, totes or any other oval shaped bags can be confusing for beginners. Perhaps because the start of said items is always flat with chains, as opposed to making stitches in a magic ring. You can think of oval bases as a circle split in half, which each half at the end of a series of single/half double/double crochets. The width of the final item is highly dependent on how big that circle is. This is the simplest, narrowest type of oval, with a single round of increases at the end of the starting chain. I figured an image is worth a thousand words, so here you have the photo tutorial to make any clutch/tote/purse your heart desires.

Learn to crochet


We’ll start by chaining 22, or however many stitches you need for the width you would like.

2chain 22 make 1 dc in each


After doing 1 dc in each stitch, we’ll increase in the last st.

2Make 3 double crochet in last


Now we’ll continue on the other side of the chain

2continue on the other side of the chain


and voila…

2first round completed


Now for Round 2

2make 1 double crochet in each


Eventually you will have this…

2after 2 complete rounds


And as you continue to make 1 dc in each stitch…

2after over 3 rounds


Now you can continue working double crochet rounds until the purse reaches whatever height you desire. To make a flap, start a new round and work only half of the stitches, then turn and work those stitches again for several rounds.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I’ll happily help! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial



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Where’s Waldo crochet hat

katie waldo crochet hat front

I know I know… the neverending Halloween themed posts! Sorry, I promise this is the last one this year. I couldn’t resist making a special post to show you how adorable this Waldo costume is. Katie approached me a couple weeks ago asking if there was still time to make her a Waldo hat for her costume. I must say I love the whole costume. Her glasses are perfect and more importantly, are not headache inducing plastic glasses! Plus she’s going to be using the hat as her go to cold accessory, so it was well worth the very little time it takes to make.

Katie waldo crochet hat side

You should be able to make this hat in no more than 3 hrs, probably less, depending on your proficiency level. While this was a Waldo type color combo, you can make it in whatever combination of colors you’d like or even with variegated yarn. The pom-pom is absolutely mandatory for the Waldo costume, but you can certainly leave it out if you’d like to. As for the construction of the hat, it’s half double crochet all the way. The ribbed edge is made alternating front and back post HDC. I must note that it is important to do one row of HDC with red yarn before you start the ribbing. Why? because that way the color transition is invisible. Otherwise you’ll have a row of mixed red and white in which you can see both the new yarn and old yarn. I find it gives it an unprofessional look, so remember to not skip this step.

katie waldo crochet hat front straight

I must also note that unlike a knit rib, the crochet rib made with front and back posts doesn’t have much stretch. It’s more decorative than anything else. i have been practicing my knitting recently and you can expect some free knitting patterns soon!

Before I give you the pattern, I have to thank my friend Anna from Check out her AMAZING pictures, she is a very talented photographer and scientist! Anna helped me edit the Waldo pictures so they’d have this awesome background. Gracies Anna!

And finally, here’s the pattern! it comes in all sizes toddler to large adult, Enjoy!  Waldo hat crochet pattern

katie Waldo collage